10 Essential Features For B2B eCommerce

If your company provides Business To Business (B2B) solutions, it is crucial that your eCommerce website has exactly the right features that your audience require.

The B2B sales cycle is often fairly complex and lengthy when compared to Business To Consumer (B2C) sales. Therefore, providing a beautiful User Interface (UI) alongside a Solid User Experience (UX) is of paramount importance.

Does your B2B eCommerce website have these ten important features?

1/ A search tool

Having a search tool is important for B2B and B2C eCommerce sites. Most eCommerce websites will have a basic search tool in place as standard. Having an advanced search tool allows users to define exactly what they are looking for and improve their experience on your website. Adding an autocomplete feature within the search can also allow users to search for the types of items/services they are looking for even quicker!

2/ Simple website navigation

Your website navigation should be geared towards allowing visitors to find the product or service they are looking for with minimal clicks and in the quickest amount of time. As well as main menu navigation, you may want a drop-down menu e.g. if you are a clothing retailer offering Men and Women’s clothing, under the ‘Men’ menu tab you could add a drop-down with all of the types of clothing you offer e.g. Shirts, Jackets, Trousers, ties etc.

Product listing pages can then have filter options such as: Pricing (lowest to highest), Ratings, Colours, The list goes on, however, the key is to provide navigation that will allow your target audience to find items/services and checkout as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

3/ Customer Registration

For B2B eCommerce registration is usually required. Allowing users to sign up quickly with the minimum amount of required fields (name, email, company address etc.) is important. Once customers login this will typically give them access to the full products and services range, unique prices, the agreed terms and the ability to make payments on and off-line.

Once a customer is registered on your website, you then have their details stored for future marketing use and up-sell opportunities.

4/ Option for quick ordering

Some B2B customers will know exactly what they want to order from your online store and have the item numbers or SKUs ready to make the purchase. Instruct your Web Development Company to add a quick order form, this will allow your customers to swiftly enter item numbers and quantity needed without the need to browse the website.

5/ Option to request a quote

For some websites, the products may be too complex or detailed to show pricing information via the website. For these types of products, you may want to consider having an ‘Add to Quote Basket’ option. This will allow the customer to easily request a quotation from you for all of the products they are interested in.

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6/ Customer pricing options

In many cases, B2B companies will have different prices and rates for different customers. There are lots of ways to structure this on a B2B eCommerce website, including:

Specific prices for SKUs

Rates for groups of customers

Discounts for groups of customers

These are just a few examples of how pricing can be set for different customers. If you have rates for specific customers stored on CSV files, for example, it would be worth ensuring your Web Development agency develops your CMS (Content Management System), to allow for CSV uploads with set pricing for certain customer groups.

7/ A mobile responsive design

This should now be a no-brainer, however, it is amazing to see the amount of businesses that still do not have a mobile responsive website. Google now ranks mobile friendly websites higher in its search results and according to Econsultancy, 48% of UK millennials said that a poor mobile experience would make it less likely for them to use a business’s other products (54% globally).

If your eCommerce website does not work smoothly across mobile tablet and desktop it is imperative you act now.

8/ Allow for multiple users within one account

Many businesses will have several employees accessing the same business account on a B2B eCommerce website to place orders. Having a solid system in place to clearly differentiate each user within an organization and clearly organize the orders placed by each user is important.

9/ Sales Team Friendly

Some customers may want assistance with placing orders. Make it simple and easy for your sales reps to be able to login to a customer’s account on their behalf and place the order for them. Sales reps will then, once logged into the customer’s account, have a chance to review recent orders and have the ability to build a relationship and up-sell to the customer.

10/ Email marketing

This is a great way to engage with both your existing B2B customers and those who have signed up to your mailing list. Using software such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor you can send out promotions, recommendations based upon recent orders, discounts and much more to bring in new and repeat business.

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What are some Interview questions for website designers?

I was interviewed at a website design company in Chennai a few days ago. Let me share with you some questions that have been asked.

The first question I was asked was how many years of experience do you have in this industry? Since I have a year’s experience I am able to answer the questions they ask today.

They gave the website template and asked them to do it in coding. Then I was asked some questions from the coding I had written.

Many web design companies offer internship programs. If you are a fresher in the field, you should attend an internship first. This internship is usually offered in three months or less. You develop your knowledge during that time period. This website design interview will be easy for you after the internship.

Regardless of which interview you attend, know how much you know about that department when you first interview.



What are the reasons for a website’s design?

Reasons to redesign a website are:

If you already have a site, the question that may come to your mind is why should I website redesign 

What you need to understand is that you already have a website and you are thinking about what improvements you can bring to your business if you are restructuring

This is about why you want to redesign your website and website to redesign your business. You may think that my site is attractive but my site does not have many customers. What attracts a website is not the attractiveness of its image or style

Your website should be compatible (Responsible)with all devices(iPhone, Android, desktop)

For example, If you see a website that you are looking at every day, you know that it is updated

You’re constantly getting new customers through a new web site and more

Late Your Customers Know About Us You Can Make Some Websites. should be high speed

Reposting a website does not affect your brand in any way. They say that the redesign is done once every two years.

The redesign of the website can be very useful for SEO. There is no need for you to redesign whenever competitors change the site. But you need to update your websites to match their competition. Make sure that competitors have redesigned their site

You should focus on your website as much as you are interested in bringing in new customers. The whole commitment to it should not be restricted to it.

A website is a bridge between your customers and you that can clearly tell you what you are doing

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How can I recover my business from this crisis?

Everyone has been very affected by this’ COVID-19. The crisis is not just for the individual but for all the citizens of the world. All industries have been economically slowed down by the COVID-19 virus. We are all in the period of inside the house. We often use social websites to see how the situation is affected by this impact. Traffic on social media has now increased by more than 75%

Think about how to change your business path in times of crisis

Digital marketing your business can help you recover from this crisis.Below are some ways to market digital.


Paid ads:

But in this period of time, some losses could be caused by marketing some businesses on Google AdWords. You can best ads on Google for your business.

If you are a clothing store owner or you can sell your business online, there are some chances that you will lose your money during this period. This is because these types of professionals are more likely to get clicked ads by customers but some are harder to come by. 

 So you have to think and act on paid advertising

Some powerful paid are google, Facebook, Instagram 

Free Ads:

You can post on social media the benefits offered to your business for free. You can advertise your business on social media. If your content is good when you post it for free, you will get more customers through social media.

Free ads posted are: social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Quikr, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc…)


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What are five habits to help web designers create a website?

When you are a website developer you need to improve all your work effort. The website is a huge bridge between users and business owners.

Your job is to make the client’s eye catching,the website you design should be designed with no errors(including javascript,css,html).Be sure to check website speed,mobile-friendly and menu bar


website designers in chennai

  1. First, you need to choose what kind of website you are going to create: For example, if you choose a website design company and look at all the related websites, get some ideas from it
  2. Define the purpose of the site and what kind of website
  3. Learn the latest website design rules and trends
  4. Make it a template before creating a website
  5. Decide on shaping branding

Some web software :

Adobe Photoshop



Use Languages in Programming






“make yourself the best employee of the company you ork for by constantly improving yourself”



Easy web design: basic elements of a website 

If you want to visit Next Lovely, the impressbss professional website designing company in Chennai, basic element website design


menu bar

Website speed

Customer supports chat

Your location

Customer reviews

Contact information


— function of your website, consisting of a toolbar, buttons, photos etc., is critical to your achievement. This helps consumers to navigate quickly and not confuse them any more and prevent them from accessing the content on their website. Several other factors influence the website’s success. To know how we vary from others when creating a good website designing.A website serves a client. Believe it or not, how the logo is perceived by the public is affected.



how to select the right company to design and build your website

The world has a number of Digital Marketing and website designing Company in chennai and in particular if you have a option in the city of,the amazing list of digital marketers in Chennai is Impressbss provides you with a common revolutionary and creative experience to get the most out of your journey. It involves advertising, branding, architecture, digital media, commercialization, web design and development.


Best site builder for you for small companies??

  • Effectiveness
  • Facility to use

Friendliness of the search engine:

Allow your people interested in your website and get involved

Chennai can be good choices for you to employ a website design company in Chennai.

Take a look at the benefits of web design. Still, why do you recruit a specialist to answer your needs for online marketing?

Your Domain will affect your SEO and search rankings in two ways:

  • Branding
  • Keywords

Your brand name is a good idea if

Your brand name is now well known.

Search engine optimization:

  • Mobile responsive website
  • Google analytics
  • Google webmaster

You need a New Website Reasons

impressbss has more than 5years of experience in the digital industry and is a professional website development and website design company in chennai.We also perform a wide range of consulting programs, including web design advising, seo consulting, ppc consulting, SMO advisory ventures.

new website design

Have you a website?When you, when it was last updated, template it,

Look at the six reasons you should think about and get a new website if you still have an outdated Website Designing For your business.

Responsive to web

Information is fresh and convincing

Approachable to SEO

Website speed

The style is impressive

Customers want something new and different. It is true for your website and also for your company logo.When the business is ready to follow new trends,Invest in your company and customer service,This indicates you have taken what you are doing seriouslyWhy do they have to invest in your own business if you’re not prepared to do so?

We are excited to see a brand new website taking your company from the shadows and into view.