10 Essential Features For B2B eCommerce

If your company provides Business To Business (B2B) solutions, it is crucial that your eCommerce website has exactly the right features that your audience require.

The B2B sales cycle is often fairly complex and lengthy when compared to Business To Consumer (B2C) sales. Therefore, providing a beautiful User Interface (UI) alongside a Solid User Experience (UX) is of paramount importance.

Does your B2B eCommerce website have these ten important features?

1/ A search tool

Having a search tool is important for B2B and B2C eCommerce sites. Most eCommerce websites will have a basic search tool in place as standard. Having an advanced search tool allows users to define exactly what they are looking for and improve their experience on your website. Adding an autocomplete feature within the search can also allow users to search for the types of items/services they are looking for even quicker!

2/ Simple website navigation

Your website navigation should be geared towards allowing visitors to find the product or service they are looking for with minimal clicks and in the quickest amount of time. As well as main menu navigation, you may want a drop-down menu e.g. if you are a clothing retailer offering Men and Women’s clothing, under the ‘Men’ menu tab you could add a drop-down with all of the types of clothing you offer e.g. Shirts, Jackets, Trousers, ties etc.

Product listing pages can then have filter options such as: Pricing (lowest to highest), Ratings, Colours, The list goes on, however, the key is to provide navigation that will allow your target audience to find items/services and checkout as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

3/ Customer Registration

For B2B eCommerce registration is usually required. Allowing users to sign up quickly with the minimum amount of required fields (name, email, company address etc.) is important. Once customers login this will typically give them access to the full products and services range, unique prices, the agreed terms and the ability to make payments on and off-line.

Once a customer is registered on your website, you then have their details stored for future marketing use and up-sell opportunities.

4/ Option for quick ordering

Some B2B customers will know exactly what they want to order from your online store and have the item numbers or SKUs ready to make the purchase. Instruct your Web Development Company to add a quick order form, this will allow your customers to swiftly enter item numbers and quantity needed without the need to browse the website.

5/ Option to request a quote

For some websites, the products may be too complex or detailed to show pricing information via the website. For these types of products, you may want to consider having an ‘Add to Quote Basket’ option. This will allow the customer to easily request a quotation from you for all of the products they are interested in.

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6/ Customer pricing options

In many cases, B2B companies will have different prices and rates for different customers. There are lots of ways to structure this on a B2B eCommerce website, including:

Specific prices for SKUs

Rates for groups of customers

Discounts for groups of customers

These are just a few examples of how pricing can be set for different customers. If you have rates for specific customers stored on CSV files, for example, it would be worth ensuring your Web Development agency develops your CMS (Content Management System), to allow for CSV uploads with set pricing for certain customer groups.

7/ A mobile responsive design

This should now be a no-brainer, however, it is amazing to see the amount of businesses that still do not have a mobile responsive website. Google now ranks mobile friendly websites higher in its search results and according to Econsultancy, 48% of UK millennials said that a poor mobile experience would make it less likely for them to use a business’s other products (54% globally).

If your eCommerce website does not work smoothly across mobile tablet and desktop it is imperative you act now.

8/ Allow for multiple users within one account

Many businesses will have several employees accessing the same business account on a B2B eCommerce website to place orders. Having a solid system in place to clearly differentiate each user within an organization and clearly organize the orders placed by each user is important.

9/ Sales Team Friendly

Some customers may want assistance with placing orders. Make it simple and easy for your sales reps to be able to login to a customer’s account on their behalf and place the order for them. Sales reps will then, once logged into the customer’s account, have a chance to review recent orders and have the ability to build a relationship and up-sell to the customer.

10/ Email marketing

This is a great way to engage with both your existing B2B customers and those who have signed up to your mailing list. Using software such as Mailchimp or Campaign Monitor you can send out promotions, recommendations based upon recent orders, discounts and much more to bring in new and repeat business.

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web design company in Chennai and digital marketing Which outlets are available for the target audience? Which kind of material (Video, audio, GIF) do you have an advertisement budget?? Will you have enough money at home or would you outsource the ads for social media? Are you a calendar of content? What are you assessing this? 

Everybody knows the has always been the best means of advertising. advertising helps to build a reputation between customers and to provide references depending on those customers. Despite the exception of the fact that most words of mouth references are now made by social media sites, this definition has not changed.
Through these years, online marketing has become popular. web design and digital marketing have increased in this period as online users rise. In every field of local businesses, Digital Marketing contributes and helps more consumers interact with digital marketing platforms. The rise in digital marketing has transacted the field in marketing over all these years.
Digital Branding increases customer experience – One main factor why customers expect brands to be open on digital media is for their digital branding strategy to be first. Social networking channels provide the ability to perform customer-driven activities as well as the opportunity to engage and connect more effectively with the target audience.
Consumer base expanded – Now the online ads are geared to different audiences such as sex, place, age, and other interests. Your campaign is expanding and successful thanks to digital marketing.
Real-time performance – The clients, subscribers, and transfer rates can be improved by pressing a button. So, what do you intend to do? Remove obsolete marketing practices and accept modern digital approaches.
Brand growth-The company will always be driven by a well-maintained website with quality materials. You will optimize this through your brand growth approaches through social media and e-mail marketing networks.
Digital marketing brand the business for success. Enhance awareness and engagement across marketing platforms. Convert these consumer experiences through successful branding.
Businesses can create competent digital marketing policies through digital marketing and can allow every employee to use a company brand. And small and medium-sized businesses may use this personal form of brand communication to increase their means and communicate with their consumers in a minimal way.

branding importance of digital marketing

Branding is very relevant to web design(web design company in chennai). By having a good brand identity on your website, you can be consistent and professional. 

With a straightforward, consistently running along with all platforms in whatever format, you’ll be distinct and unforgettable.
In order to ensure the link with anything that relates to your product, it is crucial that you recognize your products and current use of your brand design elements such as brochures/flyers.
Website design includes website design, creation, and updating. The design of the website also involves an architecture of content, a site layout, a user interface, ergonomic navigation, web page, colors, contrasts, fonts and images (photography), as well as designing icons.
For small and medium-sized companies, the design of the website provides short, medium and long-term and important benefits. In fact, the mere fact that we have a website with a careful design already means that we can increase the market part in terms of the physical situation in which we grow our business because we have a large number of distant customers in the sector. That’s an advantage right away. Nonetheless, no less interesting are other advantages.
Ultimately, a good web design gives our users a clear picture of our business. Our picture is that of a serious and successful business that is sensitive to developments and new technologies. Also, it will make it easier to index our website to the degree that we can encourage the work of the search robots if its layout is clear.
Therefore, it is possible to provide full details on the goods we sell and on the services we provide through a website. Customers have access to audiovisual knowledge through photos and videos. The consumer should have more comprehensive details on the product pages.
Third and lastly, any advertising campaign on a website is much cheaper than promoting a physical company. This is a big advantage because cost cuts are made in advertising. Attracting consumers on the Internet is very inexpensive.

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website development company in Chennai: The fundamentals of design are worth knowing to build well-designed websites. Effective architecture produces environments that make life simpler for people and that gives esthetic enjoyment. Some examples include: a well-designed shop makes it easier for consumers to search for products, or maybe even items that they never knew. 

Throughout all these situations, the designer took the time to prepare the designs based upon his skills, knowledge, and resources, including materials and the budget that is available. Various fields require different design methods. The web designer is also asked to organize material, give it sense, and arrange it, use available resources to make it visually appealing.
Creation of the web. Web design covers a wide variety of expertise and backgrounds in website development and maintenance. Web design involves web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software, designing user experience and optimizing search engine
A web designer is a creative and technologically oriented person who uses these qualities to create or restructure websites. The web designer is able to understand but still makes it esthetically pleasing to the consumer, which is required to make a website workable and easy to use.
Navigation is probably the most critical aspect of a website. Often web designers are swept away by templates and fancy styles when designing navigation. Navigation allows you to use your website better for a wider selection of customers.

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If you are searching for a web design company in Chennai, You ‘re then here to end your quest. You can provide free quotes for your web design and other services such as digital marketing, SEO, or e-commerce.

In the form of a marking language such as HTML, suitable to be played via the website (such as IE and Firefox) that act as a  ( graphical user interface), the Web Design process consists of conceptualizing / planning / modelling / performing electronic media contents via the Internet (or World widescreen eg. WWW).

It’s more than just the website’s look and sound. That area definitely covers the charts on your web sites, but most of the time, the charts will last. Effective web design should start with the functionality of your pages, your audience, and the design of the architecture of your site.

An ibss web designing company takes your own branding and image into account, but a professional, skilled designer can know the production after the pictures leave the drawing board.

You may lack cash, plan to grow, and have no time or experts to work on extremely successful digital marketing strategies. We know that online marketing can be a daunting job. There are many things to consider in the design of websites, social media campaigns, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, blogs .. ibss will help you to achieve a less effective process. Choose one of the best IT company to design and grow your website, try us now.

The best designs on site have an effect on your business’s visitor response. If the visual appearance of your website is below average, visitors will be aware of the fact that your company and goods are below average. You really should invest in a custom website design that represents the distinction in the very best way to differentiate yourself from the contest. Therefore, experienced designers can be very useful when it comes to the visual layout.


Website design and development

web design company in Chennai: Our website is designed using designs that we link to the content management system(CMS) in HTML and CSS. We enter your content and perform browser testing and functionality.
Label, fonts, colors, and usability are all discussed. A variety of mood boards are introduced to create a strategic path. We design all templates for the website once a route is accepted.
The website designing company in Chennai and creation process includes multiple steps. From initial data collection and the development of your website to maintenance to up-to-date and up-to-date maintenance.
The web map shows all main subject areas of the platform and, if applicable, sub-topics. It offers an insight into what material the web contains which is important for the creation of a clear navigational framework that is easy to understand. When designing the site, the end-user of the website, including the client, must be considered. After all, these are the people who know about your service or buy your product. A good interface establishes and provides the basis for easy-to-use website navigation.
One of the main reasons is that target markets are taken into account. For example, a site for teenagers would look very different from a financial institution. It is also critical that elements such as your corporate logo or colors are integrated into your design process to enhance your corporate identity on the website.
A website designer is referred to as a user interface designer. Most designers can however build a website these days. A UI Designer is our pick. You understand how desktop and mobile devices are built. You already learn how to work with web developers.
We will work with you to ensure that you are pleased with your homepage definition. Most homepages are like a landing page that should have the following:
A function declaration (headline and headline support)
A description of the issue that you have or intend to resolve) A list of benefits
OR Plan for Consideration
The documentation you do (tests, licenses, company logos, etc.) is open to you.
An enticing action call (normally just an action appeal)
Response methods (response medium, email, telephone, chat)